We deem our motto from our founders and ancestors.
Established in early 80’s, as construction company by Behcet Canbaz and his three sons.

By 2021 September , CSG is managing a modern fleet of bulk carriers with average age of 9 years and total capacity of 170.000 DWT carrying cargoes including grain, iron ore, fertilizer, coal and other similar cargoes, reaching traffic volume of 2,1 million tons annually.

The company has a strong team who continually strive to provide a professional and efficent service derived from knowledge, experience and dedication. It is a fundamental principle of the company to ensure safety first, and the company undertakes management strictly and systemically in accordance with the requirements of ISM.
He was born in 1926 Colaklar Vilage in Kircaali town of Bulgaria. He studied primary and middle school in Kırcaali then worked as a welding operator in mines. In 1949 his first child Salih Canbaz was born. In December 1950 he moved to Istanbul, Turkey and settled in Gaziosmanpasa.

He worked as a welding operator in Istınye Shipyard and Halic Shipyard. In 1953 his second child Nazmi Canbaz was born. In 1955 his third son Turan Canbaz was born. In the following years he dedicated all of his work time to manufacture and sell bricks. In 1959 his last child Nilüfer Canbaz was born.

In the late 1980s he began sea transportation and after that he turned over this business to his three sons. In his retirement years he indulged with farming and animal husbandry in his own farm. Behçet Canbaz passed away in 26th October 1996 while working in his farm.